Want to submit your short work for showcasing?  By showcasing, I mean listing your story on the website with a brief blurb, but no a review – at some stage I mean to do reviews, but that time isn’t yet.

There are a few minor guidelines to follow.

First, it needs to be a short work of fiction – either a short story, novelette or novella.  I follow one of the more generally accepted word counts for these;

  • Flash Fiction: <1000 words.
  • Short Story: 1000-7500 words.
  • Novelette: 7500-17500 words.
  • Novella: 17500-40000 words

Second, it needs to come from the fantasy, sci fi and related fields; this includes such things as steampunk, cyberpunk, urban fantasy, paranormal and the like.  I don’t do straight romance, crime, mystery and the like, but if they have a fantasy/sci-fi/UF element then I will showcase them.  Also, no erotica.  Sorry, it just isn’t my thing.

If you are interested, send a mail to me at with the title subject of ‘Short Sharp Reads Submission’, with the following questions answered.

Title of story/Author’s name.

Genre and length of book (ie sword and sorcery novella, UF mystery novelette, steampunk romance short story etc).

Where the story can be obtained from.

A short blurb about the story.

There are also a couple of questions that are entirely optional;

How did the story come about?

Do you prefer writing short fiction over novels, and if so, why?

Which short fiction writers have most influenced you.

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