The Chronicles of the White Bull

Nhaqosa the giant white minotaur is far from home.

In a dying world not his own, he travels the ravaged land during the last days of a once mighty empire, seeking a way home. Plagued by drought and monsters and petty warlords seeking to carve out minor fiefdoms of their own, the weak and poor are harshly beset.

Though the cost be high, Nhaqosa is not one to simply sit aside and watch it pass.


Stonemaul, compiring all eight short stories and novelettes of the collection, totalling 65,000 all together, is available from Smashwords and Amazon.

The Stories:

The Pit; Thrust into the fighting pit is Elad, a bitter, jaded knight who remembers better days, before the Empire fell in ruin. Against him is sent a creature unlike any he has seen before, for it comes not from his world; a giant bull-man. Who lives, who dies?

The Merchant’s Legacy; A stranger to the world, Nhaqosa is met with suspicion and distrust on all sides, even when he is seeking to aid the sore oppressed in the dying world. An encounter with bandits, and their captive, a merchant named Kythias, may change all that.

Echoes of Dark Reflections; In a barren, dying land the giant white minotaur Nhaqosa and his band of hardened gladiators come across a broken, crystal tower. Horrors lay inside, horrors that must be defeated, no matter the cost, for if they are not the lands are surely doomed.

Wisdom from the Ashes; Abasan is worried. Crippled by events in the dark crystalline tower, Nhaqosa has withdrawn into himself, fighting a hidden battle that none can help him with. Worse, there is dissension in the ranks that may finally see their small band fractured.

Legion of the Sands; In an abandoned city of the old Empire slowly being devoured by the encroaching deserts, Nhaqosa and his companions come across a remnant of the Empire that may spell its rebirth.

Nights of Fire; As Nhaqosa and his companions arrive in the cold, far north, Nhaqosa feels that their journey is nearing an end, yet monsters abound in the frozen mountains.

In the Lair of the Bloody Handed; A new land awaits, unfamiliar and teeming with danger. Nhaqosa finds himself fighting to help for the surival of new friends, while old friends come to a major decision.

Kwaza, Slave; This is Nhaqosa’s story of how his journey began, of how he first became a slave and gladiator, far from home.


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