Deeds in Dark Places

Deeds in Dark Places Cover

In a world ancient with civilisations, where ruins and mysteries and monsters abound, the adventurous thrive.

Sell-swords, mercenaries, corsairs and more, Fianna and Carse of the Red Blade have been all of these. Better known to many as Peregrine and Blade, they are a most unusual pairing. Fianna, a sword-maiden of the wild Aedring hill clans, and Carse, the urbane, educated man of the civilised cities, a dabbler in the Mysteries and sometimes assassin, are a far cry from one another.

Assassins, sorcerers, corsairs, the undead and more, all are but a few of the obstacles they face in their search for wealth and glory. Success is hard won, and oft times fleeting.

Deeds in Dark Places is a collection of three novelettes, Darkness in the Flames, The Scroll in the Tower & Blood upon the Sands, totalling 27,000 words.

Available at Smashwords and Amazon.

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