Pure Escapism

(Current Status Update: This page is undergoing a revamp – there may be some broken links in the meantime.)


Pure Escapism is a collection of fictional short and serialised stories, drawn from a myriad of worlds and made available as regularly as possible.


The stories are much as the title suggests; pure escapism. They aim to mostly be in the manner of the pulps of old, tales of action and adventure and wonder; not high literature but a fun read.


The majority of the stories are fantasy in nature, but even they vary in style and genre. Others venture into the realms of science fiction and urban fantasy and steampunk.

· Fantasy

o Tales from the Lands of Mist and Shadows (The Core Setting)

§ The Legends of Sharael (The Core World)

· The Cahuac Cycle (Mythological Fantasy)

· The Maedari Book of Deeds (Bronze Age Fantasy)

· The Commonwealth Chronicles (Gunpowder Fantasy)

· Other Stories

§ Primal Tales

§ The Chronicles of the White Bull

o Other Fantasy (Non-Core Settings)

§ Peregrine and Blade

· Science Fiction

§ The Adventures of Ray the Robot

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