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Genre and Length:

Science Fiction Thriller Short Story


Tony is being abducted by aliens. As he scrambles to find a way to stop it, the little gray men from the stars have other plans for him.

How did the story come about?

“I have always been fascinated by the alien abduction mythos. I love the stories, the documentaries, and the ominous creepiness of the whole thing.

But I’ve always felt that most alien abduction fiction focuses too much on the government conspiracy side of the equation. While conspiracy stories are cool, it seems to me a missed opportunity to not discuss the aliens themselves, or their motivations, or the philosophical implications of humans being reduced to lab rats.

What I’ve tried to do with this story is imbue a little philosophy and cosmic dread into alien abduction fiction. It is also my desire to write more stories set in this universe.”

Do you prefer writing short fiction over novels, and if so, why?

“I’ve only attempted a novel once before. I realized very early in the writing process that the story I was telling wasn’t quite long enough to be a novel, so I just turned it into a novella. I think right now I prefer short stories, mostly because I don’t like stories that feel padded. I’ve always been of the philosophy that ‘too short’ is usually better than ‘too long.’

I’m not saying that I would never write a novel, but with the possible exception of two ideas that I’ve had, I think most of the stories I’ve come up with can be done justice in fewer than 20,000 words. But again, never say never.”

Which short fiction writers have most influenced you?

“I love HP Lovecraft. He did a fantastic job of discussing the smallness of humanity, and had a terrific writing style. He also had a great imagination for coming up with monsters.

Harlan Ellison is amazing. I love the brutal honesty of his work, and the way he can make you feel what’s happening to his characters.

Isaac Asimov is another great one. While his stories might be a little dry sometimes, the ideas and dilemmas he put down were some of the most intellectually riveting stuff I’ve seen in science fiction.”

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