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Genre and Length:

Science fiction novelette


An amoral scientist trying to regain control of his experiments. A deceptively innocent woman fleeing dangerous people. And a random vigilante pursuing unknown horizons. It all adds up to deadly intrigue and weird danger for Gunner Long, one-time bounty hunter, full-time cynic.

This 2nd Edition copy features new cover art and a short vignette “Thrown To The Wolves”. This vignette details the meeting of Gunner Long and his adopted daughter prior to his retirement from bounty hunting. The vignette is approximately 3000 words long

How did the story come about?

This is actually two stories. “Thrown To The Wolves” is actually my first short story, an introduction to the lead character of both of these, Gunner Long. I enjoy a lot of detective-like fiction and wanted to do something similar. I had the concept of my lead character floating around in my head for a while, and this story gave me the chance to get Gunner solidly on paper for future reference. “The Girl In Brown” is an introductory tale of Gunner’s pursuits following “Thrown To The Wolves”. I wrote it because I was bored. Once I was finished, the character was so firmly planted in my mind that I’ve written several more shorts about him and now my first (finished) novel is featuring him and his acquaintances exclusively..

Do you prefer writing short fiction over novels, and if so, why?

I have only started two novels, the second one WILL be finished by the end of the summer, and I’ve written over a dozen short stories. I like writing shorts, as they fit well with the time and attention span I have to give them. However, a novel gives characters a lot more room to grow, and it has been fun to see that happen in my current project. Once I finish the novel, I might know for sure, but right now I’d have to say I prefer shorts.

Which short fiction writers have most influenced you?

This is an easy one. Rudyard Kipling. The man can spin a yarn that pulls me in like a black hole. I like action and adventure in my fiction, which he sometimes supplies, but he’s the writer who opened me to the intrigues of literary fiction, where those aspects are not heavily weighted, if they are even present. Not to mention, he writes exceptional dialogue. I enjoy writing dialogue and hope some day to be close to his level. Someday.

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