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Having finished off a novella last month, I started work on the next of the (long) list of planned stories.  Somehow it turned into working on the next four stories, all at once.  Keeps me on my feet a little.

All four are planned as novelettes, and progress so far on them would indicate that they should be around the 8-12K mark each.  I am hoping to try and get them all finished this month, though schedules don’t always go according to plan.

The one I first started on, entitled ‘The Rose of Nakunwe’, is the next in the gunpowder fantasy collection, and the second in a planned sub-series of The Commonwealth Chronicles.  It has been fully planned out and is about half way through the first rough draft.

The other three, none of which yet have names, are the next three sword and sorcery novelettes in The Deeds of Peregrine & Blade series, the first collection of which came out recently.  The first two are planned and half written up, while the third is only half planned, though that half has also been written up.

So back to the writing – I have to get the rough drafts out of the way in readiness to commence the rewrites.