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My latest collection, Deeds in Dark Places, has just been released on Amazon, a collection of three sword & sorcery style fantasy novelettes, totalling 27,000 words between them, inspired by such old time pulp writers as Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber. They are fun, low fantasy adventure stories; no saving the world, no epic quests or epoch changing events. Just simple adventurers seeking fortune and glory.

This one is only on Amazon as I’m trialling out the new KDP Select offer. In addition, for 5 days, until the 13th, it is available for free to download.

In a world ancient with civilisations, where ruins and mysteries and monsters abound, the adventurous thrive.

Sell-swords, mercenaries, corsairs and more, Fianna and Carse of the Red Blade have been all of these. Better known to many as Peregrine and Blade, they are a most unusual pairing. Fianna, a sword-maiden of the wild Aedring hill clans, and Carse, the urbane, educated man of the civilised cities, a dabbler in the Mysteries and sometimes assassin, are a far cry from one another.

Assassins, sorcerers, corsairs, the undead and more, all are but a few of the obstacles they face in their search for wealth and glory. Success is hard won, and oft times fleeting.

I’m already working on the next collection of three stories, with notes for more beyond that.

Deeds in Dark Places Cover

The link to Amazon is here.