I’ve been reading post by authors who say they are writing 10K+ words a day, which is a sizeable amount when you think about it, far more than I manage in a day. Or even a week in some cases. That kind of output is enough to be writing a short story a day. Even if you were only doing 5-6K a day, that would still be enough.

The question is if that kind of word count could be done, would it be feasible to actually write a short story a day? It would require a new story idea each day, which is a harder prospect that working on a novel, where you would be using the same characters and simply continuing on with the same plot. What would be a more realistic goal for someone who is a full time writer? One every couple of days? One a week?

Given it is about time I knuckled down and really got stuck in to the writing gig, it will be interesting to see exactly what is possible.