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It is November 1st here in Australia and I am about to commence an attempt at NaNoWriMo. For it I have gone with the Steampunk flavoured anthology. I am planning on three stories as of yet unknown length. The first and third ones have been planned out, but the second one is still just a concept – I’ll have to come up with something for it when the time comes. So far titles are just working ones.

The characters of the stories are;

Sir Richard Hammerman; Gentleman-Explorer. A typical reserved, stiff-upper-lip gentleman of Albion, unflappable in the face of danger.

Obadiah Crabb; Sir Richard’s loyal and dependable manservant.

Doctor Hamilton Gooding; Scientist, naturalist, explorer and inventor from Scotti.

Captain Archibald Hammerman; Sir Richard’s genial brother and somewhat the back sheep of the family. They bought him a commition in the army to keep him out of trouble.

Lady Adeline ‘Ada’ Redsmith; A daughter of an old friend of Sir Richard and Captain Archibald’s father. Raised in the colonies and as such is a more adventurous and outgoing woman than the genteel society ladies of Londinium.

Hammer of the Pygmies
Sir Richard and Doctor Gooding set forth from Cape Colony into the wilds of Africus, into pygmy territory, seeking a lost temple. The region is fraught with peril as it is said that the pygmies have discovered a means by which to animate the bodies of their fallen foes to fight for them.

Hammer and the Captain
Doctor Gooding’s research into some recently discovered ancient stone tablets is interrupted by agents of the Frankish Sun King. It is up to Sir Richard and Captain Archibald to recover both the good doctor and the tablets before they can be spirited away back to Eupora.

Hammer of the Skies
Travelling back to Albion via airship and escorting the Lady Adeline Redsmith is no easy task when pterodactyl riding pygmies, djinn dervishes and Transylvanian sky-pirates all seek to thwart the journey of Sir Richard, Captain Archibald and Doctor Gooding.