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Most of what I write is fantasy, though I have, and will continue to dabble with other genres. Of that, a lot of it takes places in a setting that has been developing over a number of years, one that, like a lot of fantasy, does take place across more than one world, though the most detail has gone into one core world. The stories I write take place over a large sweep of time, ranging from simple stone age times, through the bronze age, to more traditional fantasy time frames and on into gunpowder fantasy. Writing short stories allows me to explore all this more readily.

The Bronze Man, shockingly, takes place in the Bronze Age era of the setting, the first planned story in a collection recounting the deeds of the great heroes and kings of the past. The story is inspired by, in part, Homer’s Illiad and the tales of the ancient Celts, of great heroes who rode into combat on chariots and challenged other heroes to duels.

Here is the blurb for the story;
Fierce Chelosian sea-raiders descend upon the simple bronze-age village of Rath Arn and the villagers there are left with a stark choice – die free or live as slaves. But Rath Arn is the home of the mighty hero Awn the Red, and he leads the villagers in seeking to delay the far more numerous foe until help arrives.

The Bronze Man is available for free at Smashwords.