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I normally have multiple projects on the boil – now being no different.  Even when I was working on novels I was regularly starting new ones.  It has led to a lot of half started novels out there.  Switching across to writing short stories has helped as it means they are more likely to be finished, even if I go back to them later on.

The current is a list of what exactly I am working on at the moment.

Firstly I am doing a re-edit of all my old stories.  My editing skills have improved remarkably and it is time I went back and fixed up all the errors I missed when I wrote them.  Included in the re-edit is fixing the covers.  I can’t afford to have them all done professionally, but at least I can improve on early attempts.  So far I have done 3 out of 16, the stories ranging from a mere 1000 words all the way to one of 15,000.

Beyond that I am working on seven, yes seven, novelettes, though there are more planned and set aside.  The first two are in the final polish stage and form the third duo of stories in The Chronicles of the White Bull, an ongoing series following the adventures of a minotaur who once was a slave-gladiator seeking the way home through a dying world.

The other five range from just needing a final polish to still being in plotting, and form a new series I am working on, a pulp style sword and sorcery series inspired by my enjoyment of Robert E Howard and others of his ilk.

I do keep myself busy.