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The Adventures of Ray the Robot are two short stories I wrote a couple of years back, and are the first of my collection that I have re-edited and re-released.

Both revolve around the robot Ray, and his human master Brian, and are sci-fi on the more humourous side of things. The first story, Ray and His Human, I wrote in my head while driving to spend Christmas 2008 with my parents – maybe not the safest thing to be doing, but by the time I arrived the story was there. The second, Ray and the Alien Princesses, followed a few months later when I decided I’d like to further explore the adventures of the pair.

Here is the blurb for the stories;
Ray the possibly malfunctioning robot has his work cut out for him with a master like Brian, a man prone to putting his foot in it and who attracts trouble like a magnet. Ray is forced time and again to bail Brian out of his predicaments; whether it is naval press-gangs or green alien princesses. Whatever it is, you can be sure Ray has a cutting word or two to say about their adventures.

Ray is available at Smashwords for free.