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As I slowly get this blog set up, and work my way up to actually doing some form of reviewing, I thought I’d start with some short story related links to other sites.

Book Brouhaha
Run by Alain Gomez, a short story aficionado whom I met through kindleboards, Book Brouhaha is a short story review site (including one of my own.) Well worth a visit to find some short stories worth reading.

Short Story Symposium
Also run by Alain Gomez, this site advertises and explores new short stories, novelettes and novellas, but doesn’t review them.

The History of the Short Story
Over on her blog, Karen Lee Field has an article on the history of the short story, as well as a few ideas for working on them.

In Defence of Short Stories.
Over on James Everington’s blog he has a series of guest written articles entitled In Defence of Short Stories, the first of which was written by Alain Gomez. Yes, short stories do need defending…