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Welcome to Short Sharp Reads.  This is a blog I have been wanting to start for some time, dedicated to the encouragement and appreciation of the shorter forms of writing.

By the shorter forms I mean flash fiction, short stories, novelettes and novellas – anything under around 40,000 words and not a novel.   Short stories once had huge followings, in the days of the pulp magazines, and indeed many classic novels are what now would be classified as novellas.  That is not to say that short stories have gone away, only that novels seem to be the preferred medium as of now.

However, short stories appear to be undergoing a bit of a resurgence, thanks in part to ebooks.  For economic reasons, traditional publishers preferred novels – the longer the better.  Such concerns don’t apply as much for ebooks, allowing them to be any size.

So welcome aboard and share in the appreciation of the short stories.